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Software Engineer Intern

  • Enhance phone authentication system, reduce the 25% of the 300 million customer support calls a year falsely requiring further verification, improving millions of users’ experience and saving over $2 million
  • Configure 20+ AWS services, including Lambda, CloudWatch, SQS, SNS, and IAM Roles, using Terraform
  • Call 10 different API’s, process up to 500 events a second from SQS using Python Lambda functions
  • Increase performance of Lambda’s by 38% using asynchronous programming and batching data to Kafka
  • Analyze and monitor logs using Splunk to increase debugging speed by 30%
  • Built AWS environment testing framework using AWS SAM, widely adopted by teams within the department
  • Constructed ADTT’s and unit-tests with Behave, enabling quicker testing, increasing development speed by 40%
  • Utilized Agile Scrum and Jira to manage workflow, lead Stand-Ups and Sprint Planning, increasing output by 34%
  • Developed CI/CD steps using Jenkins Pipeline, created automated QA tests, decreasing bug reports by 25%
  • Demoed completed project to 20+ executives in Card Fraud department and answered business-related questions